miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2007

Así siempre me va a tapar el agua...

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People who are Givers tend to spend money on those they care deeply about, as well as those less fortunate than themselves. It's also possible that they feel guilty or uneasy when they have more than their fair share of money, and they give partially to help alleviate those uncomfortable feelings. They may enjoy things more fully when those around them are also comfortable, and they usually feel best about themselves when they can share what they have with others.

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2007

Y dale con la idea fija...

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People who stand out as eldest children due to their liberal sexual views usually enjoy giving and receiving attention and making those they are intimate with happy. The combination of the desire to receive attention and give to others makes them exciting sexual partners. In bed, first-borns tend to be unconventional and daring. They prefer to go beyond what is considered basic kinds of sex. They are likely to be stimulated by trying out new things and usually have a well-developed sense of adventure.

Esto pa que vean que, o soy una chica Tickle más (como Gé) o me voy al carajo de tan al pedo que estoy (esto último no es nada cierto, eh, aclaro porque la verdad que últimamente sólo me rasco la cabeza al lavármela)

Tengo el tecer ojo!

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This chakra is located in the center of your forehead and is often called the third eye. The sixth chakra represents your ability to see and really know truth. When this chakra is clear, positive energy can flow from it freely. Radiating positive energy from your sixth chakra indicates that you've cultivated higher wisdom concerning the important life lessons associated with this energy center. You're apt to be accepting of the people and events in your life rather than pass judgment on them. You're also likely to have developed a higher level of intuition than most people have.

Buuuuh, Tickle! cuándo me vas a volver a decir algo que no sepa? :-(